Prod-Partners Discount Program

The Screen Guild has been working hard to negotiate premium discount opportunities within the primary sector by partnering with both small and large industry specific companies who are keen to offer our subscription holders exclusive benefits and discounts on screen industry purchasing!

Our newest initiative is called the Prod-Partners Discount Program which has been designed to include benefit not only for our standard individual members, but also for screen companies and screen production projects.

Get more production spend on screen!

Our goal is to offer a one-stop savings platform for Screen Technicians, Screen Companies, and Production Projects, maximising their on-screen budget.



Production-Pro Discounts

The first way you save is by activating an account with each of our Production-Pro Discount suppliers.

These are next-level benefits and pricing structures for business that you can access within the operations of your screen company or production project.

General Discounts

The second way you save is by taking advantage of The Screen Guild General Discounts. With our extensive list of over 55 suppliers, you can enjoy average savings of 5-30% on your purchases.

Discount offers may vary across all of our suppliers. Each supplier may have different offers and discounts available to our members and supporters.


Screen Industry Giving Back!

The best part about our discounts program is that it has a dual benefit.

Every time you spend using our discount codes, you also help to support great people doing great things that make a real difference in people's lives!

You SAVE more and GIVE more!

With each purchase, a portion of your spend is also donated to incredible charities like Go Generosity, Transform Aotearoa, Caring Families Aotearoa, Heart Kids NZ.

You also help to deliver free firewood to NZ families who need it, and help provide materials and volunteer manpower for overseas aid.