We are thrilled to announce partnerships with both Bunnings Trade and RS as founding collaborators of The Screen Guild Production Partners Discount Program!

Our valued partners in this space have aligned with The Screen Guild to offer exclusive advantages to our members and supporters which are accessible through our Production-Pro level supplier pages below.

Each of our partners have taken significant strides to tailor their systems, providing unparalleled pricing and support structures specifically catered to screen industry operations. Their commitment, contribution and support for the screen industry's supply needs is a progressive new step designed to help each screen project whether large or small, achieve more and keep more production spend on screen.

Join us NOW to gain access to these exciting collaborations that will undoubtedly elevate the industry to new heights!
*Click on each supplier above to browse through their offer to our members and supporters, and apply for your Production-Pro level supplier account.

*Read through our How it all Works or Get onboard pages to read all about the Production Partners Discount Program and how to get onboard.