Increase your production value and keep more budget on screen!

A Production Project Membership is a short term plan set for the number of months your projects is in operation allowing you to access our Prod-Partners Discount Program. You pay one subscription fee which allows any nominated buying crew from any department operating within your project to save on their production spend. All subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis for the number of months you have selected when you signed up.

To qualify for a Production-Project Membership you must:
Have a current NZBN number (only required for the Production Pro Discounts - all General Discounts are available without requiring an NZBN)

Extend your membership, add your H.O.D’s, Buyers and Runners to your membership group and manage these accesses yourself within the profile area of your membership account.

Signing up gives your membership group instant access to the General Discounts.

For access your Production Pro Discounts click on our provided partnership account application form available on our Production Pro Discounts webpage and set up a single supplier account for your project directly with the supplier.

All nominated purchasing crew gain access to our Screen Guild exclusive pricing structure when you add them to both your Screen Guild membership and your projects’ direct supplier account.

* This membership does not provide access to other Screen Production Technician member benefits outside of those freely available on The Screen Guild website.
* Full Screen Guild membership benefits are only available to individual screen production technicians via the standard membership tier.