Collaborate with us at the2023 Annual General Meeting

Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2023
Time: 19:00 (By Zoom)
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Nominations are now CLOSED.
Nominations for Branch Chairs and Committee Members close at 6:30pm 31 October.

Nominations are now open for the following roles:

  • President - CLOSED 18 October
  • Vice President  - CLOSED 18 October
  • Branch Chair Auckland - CLOSED 31 October
  • Branch Chair Wellington - CLOSED 31 October
  • Branch Chair Christchurch - CLOSED 31 October
  • Branch Chair Queenstown - CLOSED 31 October
  • Branch Committee Members (AKL, WLG, CHCH, QT) - CLOSED 31 October

Why Attend the AGM?

Every year, The Screen Industry Guild's Annual General Meeting is more than just a gathering — it's a celebration, an opportunity, and a platform for every member. Whether you're a seasoned professional or have recently joined the industry, the AGM offers unique experiences that cater to all. Dive into a day filled with insightful conversations, unparalleled networking, and a shared passion for Aotearoa New Zealand's screen legacy.

Celebrate Our Achievements

Join in commemorating a year of cinematic success. Reflect on the standout moments and projects that put Aotearoa New Zealand's screen industry on the map.

Shape the Future

Be a part of pivotal discussions about the guild's direction and goals for the upcoming year. Your input matters, and this is your platform to make a difference in our industry's journey forward.

Network & Connect

An opportunity to mingle with professionals from across all fields of our screen industry – from camera and sound to makeup and editing. Forge new connections, refresh old ones, and collaborate for future projects.

Annual General Meeting Agenda
Agenda item
7:00 - 7:15 pm
Welcome and apologies
Kelly Lucas
7:00 - 7:15 pm
President’s report
Brendon Durey
7:00 - 7:15 pm
Welcome and apologies
Kelly Lucas
7:00 - 7:15 pm
Welcome and apologies
Kelly Lucas
7:00 - 7:15 pm
Welcome and apologies
Kelly Lucas

About the AGM 2023

Kia ora
The Screen Industry Guild represents YOU and this AGM is an important opportunity to hear from the executive committee and to have YOUR say.

This is also a time to thank the hard working volunteers and staff and to catch up with other members.

This year as we will again be holding a combined AGM by Zoom. A zoom meeting link will be provided closer to the date.

The AGM 2023 agenda includes reports from the President, Executive Officer and Treasurer, and you will hear what we have been doing on your behalf.  

A formal AGM 2023 Agenda containing all matters on the table for discussion will be provided in the coming weeks.  

We can't make positive change without our members input and support. Please register your attendance to help us with our planning and come along to ensure any points of importance to you are on the table for discussion.

We look forward to seeing you there and hearing your thoughts. (Please see the Rules for Attendance section below)

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AGM 2023 Lead-up Schedule


6 October

  • Email calling for advance nominations for:
  • ~President
  • ~Vice President
  • ~Branch Chairs
  • ~Branch Committee Members

11 October

  • Email advising of current committee members willing to stand again for re-election and reminder that nominations for President and Vice President close on the 18 October

18 October

  • Nominations for President and Vice President close. Other nominations remain open and will be tabled at the AGM although will not appear on any advance nomination schedules

20 October

  • Agenda and advance nominations emailed
  • Proxy registration and voting form opens

25 October

  • Reminder email with Zoom Meeting links

31 October

  • Register of Attendance and Apologies, any remaining advance nominations, and online proxy voting forms close at 6:30pm

1 November

  •  7:00pm: AGM held

Branch Business

Held at completion of AGM by zoom in designated Branch-level breakout rooms

At the conclusion of the AGM, breakout rooms will be available for each branch should they have branch business they would like to discuss.

You will notice that you can indicate if you intend to attend this Branch-level meeting when you submit your Registration of Attendance form above. This again assists us with our planning.

The Branch Secretary for each branch and the Branch Committee Members to stand on the Executive Committee are elected during these meetings.

Zoom links for the individual branch business meetings will be posted both here on our AGM webpage and you will also be advised by email closer to the date.

How to make a nomination

As usual, we'll be electing committee members and it works best if we have a diverse range of people of all experience levels and crew areas. We will first elect the President and Vice President, then take turns to elect our Branch Committees, Chair for each branch, and then the Branch Secretaries and Executive Committee are assigned in the branch breakout rooms on completion of the combined AGM.

Nominations are now OPEN!

If you are going to make a nomination, please read the considerations below.

Nominations for President and Vice President roles:
  • The current president Brendon Durey and current Vice President Sioux MacDonald will be standing for reelection for 2023/24 period.
  • Other nominations for President and Vice President must made by the 18 October so that members can be notified of the final list of candidates prior to the AGM.  
  • When submitting nominations for President and Vice President roles the following must be included:
  • ~the name of a member seconding your nomination.
  • ~the person you are nominating must have consented to being put forward.  
  • ~the nominated person is required to submit a short bio by the 18 October.
  • ~if the nominee has not consented or provided a bio, the nomination will not be considered valid. An electronic form will be sent to the person you nominate where they can confirm their consent and upload their bio information.
  • Nominations from the floor on the night of the AGM for President and Vice President roles are NOT allowed.
Nominations for Branch Committee Members & Branch Chairs
  • Only nominations for Branch Committee Members and Branch Chairs that are received by the 18 October will be published in the AGM Agenda document. Any nominations for these roles received after the above date will be tabled at the AGM, but must have provided prior consent.
  • Nominations may also be accepted from the floor at the AGM - provided the nominee is either present or has provided their prior consent via the electronic form or to

Rules of attendance

  • To attend you must be a current Individual or Honorary Life Screen Guild member.
  • Please register for the AGM to help with planning. (This is not compulsory, you can still attend the meeting on the evening if you have not registered).
  • If you can't attend:
  • ~you can register an Apology using the above button link.
  • ~You can still make a proxy vote by appointing another member to make your vote for you during the AGM and indicate your voting preferences on the Proxy Vote Form when Proxy Voting opens.

If you forget to register or register an apology, you can still come - simply advise the person taking the minutes when you arrive at the meeting.

Why Attend the AGM?

Stay Informed

AGMs provide crucial updates on the organization's activities, financial status, and future plans. Attending ensures that members stay informed about the organization's progress.

Participate in Decision-Making

Take part in discussions and cast your vote on important matters, such as electing committee members, approving budgets, or making strategic decisions. Attending allows members to have a say in these decisions.


AGMs serve as a platform for members to hold the organization's leadership accountable for their actions and decisions. By attending, members can ask questions and seek clarification on any concerns they may have.


AGMs offer opportunities to connect with others including general members, branch and executive level committee members, and the organisation’s President, Vice President and Executive Officer. Building relationships within the organization can be beneficial both personally and professionally.


The AGM is a time to discuss your views or make suggestions.


Organisations are required to provide financial statements and other important documents during AGMs. Attending ensures that members have access to these documents, promoting transparency within the organisation.

Register your Attendance

We look forward to you joining us on the 1 November at 7:00pm.

Thank you for registering for the 2023 AGM, we look forward to seeing you there.
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All nominations close on the 18 October at 7:00pm.

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Allan Poppleton | y9qXV2KQ
Amand Weaver | B9l1AGqW
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