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You can join us either as a member of The Screen Guild society or as a supporter of The Screen Guild via selecting one of our subscription plans below.

If you wish to become a member with full member benefits, you must join under one of our Individual Membership plans.
When you join as a member of The Screen Guild you become part of the largest network of screen technicians in New Zealand.
Joining us means you stay industry educated, industry knowledgeable, and industry engaged.

When you subscribe to one of our screen business plans for Production Projects or Screen Companies, you become a supporter of The Screen Guild and your subscription allows you full access to our Prod-Partners Discount Program. Full member benefits are reserved for members only.

For Individuals

Individual Membership

$5.50 /month
A range of memberships are available here for individual screen production technicians, students and Gold Card holders.
Suitable for individual members
Monthly and annual options
Student and Gold Card plans
Individual Plans
FOR Business

Production Project Subscription

Tiered pricing from
$100 /month
Suitable for short-term plans
Perfect for projects in operation
Allows any nominated buying crew to participate
Subscription charged monthly for your project's duration
    FOR Business

    Screen Company Subscription

    Tiered pricing from
    $450 /year
    Subscription charged annually
    Ongoing plan ideal for:
    - Production Companies
    - Broadcasters
    - Screen Industry Suppliers
    Must have a current NZBN number
    Must engage employees (or a combination of employees and contractors).
      Subscriber Benefits
      Individual Member
      Production Project Subscription
      Screen Company Subscription
      General Supplier Discounts
      Employed staff only
      Crew Zone Access
      Employed staff only
      Industry Rate Cards
      Additional sign up required with name and email
      Additional sign up required with name and email
      Online Workshops & Training
      Sponsorship opportunities available
      Crew Rep Online Support
      The Blue Book
      Online only
      Contact Support
      Legal Support
      SIWA Information
      Secret Ballot / Collective Bargaining
      Resource Toolkits
      Member Directory
      Production only access
      Industry Newsletter (email + Website)
      NZTECHO Mag
      Online only
      Online only
      Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Resources
      Bullying and Harassment Support Resources
      Sexual Harassment Support Resources

      Why become a member of the Guild?

      Gain access to the latest online training and resource material, latest news and industry events.

      Earn back the money you spend on your monthly subscription by cashing in on fantastic supplier discounts that assist your screen business to thrive. Check out our incredible list of supplier discounts available only to our members including great savings at companies such as: BUNNINGS, WAREHOUSE STATIONERY, OFFICE MAX, NOEL LEEMING, REPCO and many many more industry relative products and services.

      Receive notifications and information relating to The Blue Book and SIWA legislation changes.

      Easily contribute to important decision-making around critical industry issues using our collective bargaining and secret ballot platform.

      Our new Member Directory means that you can communicate with other Screen Guild members across the country to discuss important issues or locate crew that are as industry educated as you are.

      Free legal / contract support
      Receive free legal and contractual support services when you need it.

      Wellness Support
      Your go-to location for crucial support contacts and resources to help you with Mental Health and Wellbeing, Harrassment, Bullying, Addiction and Crisis.

      The Screen Guild represents all below-the-line operators on film sets, some of these departments include:

      Your membership contributions go towards the facilitation of:

      Online Training & Workshops
      Development and production of online training, workshops.

      Crew Toolkits
      Resource toolkits and downloads specifically designed for crew.

      Member Discounts
      Fantastic supplier discounts for our members. Check out our incredible new list of commercial and retail suppliers and their amazing discounts!

      The Blue Book
      Provision and maintenance of The Blue Book - which is the set of industry guidelines and regulations all productions filming in NZ abide by.

      Crew Rep Training
      Essential Crew Representative in-person and online training, support and guidance.

      Industry Rate Cards
      Publication and reviews of production technician rate card guides to ensure fair and reasonable rates are upheld.

      Mental Health & Harassment Support
      Extensive health and wellbeing support network in association with ScreenSafe.

      Management around crew immigration to ensure NZ production crew have fair representation on all overseas productions.

      Health and Safety
      Development of systems in association with ScreenSafe to help keep you safe on set.

      Screen Industry Workers Act
      Negotiations with producers on your behalf and advice on any Screen Industry Workers Act (SIWA) matters - as a free service to our members.

      Member Directory
      Provision of our Member Directory where you can locate and contact other Screen Guild members who are as well informed as you are.

      Holding exciting in-person industry events.

      Industry News
      Capturing and delivering you the latest industry news.

      NZTECHO Mag
      Publishing NZTECHO magazine which is NZ’s leading industry magazine.